Welcome to Lei Group @ CityU MSE

We focus on plasmonics and nano-photonics of low-dimensional materials and structures, with particular interest in the fundamental physics of exciton/plasmon/phonon polaritons and their strong coupling, plasmon-enhanced light-matter interaction at the nanoscale and its applications in light harvesting, advanced biochemical sensing and biomedical imaging. Our group has direct access to a large number of optical measurement systems for absorption / scattering, reflection / transmission, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopies at the single-particle level, with functionalities ranging from near- to far-field, linear to nonlinear, steady state to time-resolved and ultrafast regimes.

Invited review articles

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3. Z. L. Cao#, H. Gao#, M. Qiu, W. Jin, S. Z. Deng, K.-Y. Wong, D. Y. Lei*,
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