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for Bio-inspired Material and Bio-interface
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Welcome to the research group under the direction of Dr. Xi Yao in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at CityU Hong Kong.

We are a group of experimentalists dedicated to solving both scientifically interesting problems in interface and soft matter, and those with more near-term application. We start from chemistry to design materials, and we use nanotechnology and engineering tools to optimize material performance and promote potential application in biomedicine. Applications of our work include anti-fouling and anti-biofouling, water and energy sustainability, biochemical sensing and diagnostics. Our research interest includes self-healable material, nanoparticle and micro/nanoneedle development, surface science and engineering. We are developing innovative technologies for drug delivery, pathogen detection and diagnostics.



Two Ph.D studentships are available for the entry of 2020.

Research positions are available. A research assistant position is available asap. Experienced candidates can apply for Senior Research Assistant or Research Associate. Please email Dr. Xi Yao your full CV or resume directly.

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News and Events

09/2019, congratuations to Jianqiang, Gang and Xin on the awarding of Institutional Scholarships!
09/2018, Peng has been nominated by CityU and successfully selected to attend the the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) happening in Singapore (NTU) on 20-25 January 2019. Congratulations!
09/2018, congratuations to Wenqing, Jianqiang and Gang on the awarding of Institutional Scholarships!
05/2018, our team won Top Prize under the Innovation category at the ‘Challenge Cup’ National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final – Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018. .
11/2017, the Yao group members attended MRS 2017 Fall Meeting at Boston.
08/2017, congratuations to Peng, Wenqing, Akos and Zhaoyue on the awarding of Institutional Scholarships!
07/2017, our recent paper on Advanced Healthcare Materials was selected as Inside Front Cover in publication!
02/2017, our recent paper on Advanced Healthcare Materials was highlighed on Advanced Science News!

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