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Our research strives to integrate synthetic organic chemistry, crystal growth and solid state property studies into an interdisciplinary approach that addresses the fundamental issues of solid state materials science. Current research topics include electroactive porous solids, solution-processable semiconductive materials, nanoporous solid state catalyst and excitonic superconductive models. We select and approach our solid state target structures based on the guiding principles of solid state physics, crystal engineering, and synthetic accessibility. We realize that, the extremely powerful molecular synthetic methods of modern chemistry, once mobilized in the study of extended solid state structures, is bound to open up broad areas in materials science. [Click here for a summary of our research achievements]

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What's New

Sep 2019

Welcome new group members: Kedi!

Jul 2019

Welcome new group members: Tengrui!

May 2018

WONG Yan-Long Wilson achieved PhD degree.

Nov 2016

Yun-Long's paper on JACS published [link].

March 2015

paper on leach-free Pd catalysis highlighted by Chemistry World [link].

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